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Give the gift of luxury this Christmas with the ultra soft bamboo sheet sets and 100% Egyptian cotton bedding. Offer holiday guests the “spa experience” with 600 to 900 GSM Egyptian cotton towels. Pamper yourself with 5 Star hotel bedding like a luxury latex pillow or soft bamboo mattress topper.

Creating Your Softest Winter Bedding Set Ever

You may be considering a set of bamboo sheets because of their soft and silky feel. Modern textile technologies now allow designers to create luxurious soft sheets from bamboo fibers. The feel of a bamboo sheet is amazing but the technology behind the fiber is also important. Unlike silk, bamboo sheets have a cooling property because the bamboo fiber helps to wick moisture away from the body. When creating the ultimate winter bed “cooling” may not be the word foremost in your mind. But bedding that disperses heat will eliminate the experience of waking up feeling too warm. Bamboo makes wonderful sheets and pillowcases but theres more. Soft bamboo duvets are beautiful and will help disperse the heat of a warm down comforter. Many high end resort spas are investing in bamboo not just for their softness but also because the bamboo fiber is very durable and retains its smooth finish. Your mattress topper is the foundation of good nights sleep. Here bamboo is a great choice too. Bamboo mattress toppers eliminate hot spots on warm mattresses such as the Tempurpedic. We also carry the Marriott mattress topper applauded by critics for it amazing comfort. When creating a warm and inviting bed this winter mix and match fabric and textures. When looking for luxury bamboo is not the only option. Egyptian cotton is the classic standard of luxury because it is super soft and lasts forever. A 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set is constructed of an Egyptian cotton fiber which is much finer than the cotton grown in North America. A 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheet set is warm but does not trap moisture. The drape and feel of a high count Egyptian cotton sheet is significantly different than a department store 50/50 poly cotton sheet. For individuals who feel cold in the early hours of the morning consider add a Sherpa comforter due to its extraordinary softness and its pleasing warmth. You can layer it with a classic down comforter for extra layer of coziness.

WOW! Great Night of Sleep
WOW! I did not know what to think when I decided I wanted to buy this pillow. I had heard good things from others, but I am a pillow snob. They have to have just the right softness, YET, be hard enough too. This Pillow from ExceptionalSheets did the job. I slept great! The pillow comes in this nice bag that you can reuse. I plan on using it to store clothing for the different seasons. The pillow also comes encased in a protective case it seems that is washable. I just put my own pillowcase over it. Each night just before heading to sleep, I give it a minor fluff, like you would a down-filled pillow. Easy Peasy.

It even comes with a hand-written note from the owner. At least to me it looks hand-written. Great professionalism. I have ordered other products in the past from this company and I have been extremely pleased each and every time.

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Heaven in a pillow
I love sleep! I should also note that it is something that I have come to appreciate a great deal more since becoming a parent. The problem is, unless I am completely exhausted, it is rare for me to have a night of uninterrupted rest. There are probably two reasons for this. First, I get hot and sweat easily. This often leads to waking up drenched in sweat with a wet pillow. Second, I suffer from neck and back problems so when I become uncomfortable during the night I wake up and have to adjust. It is also normal for me to wake up with a bad headache and a pain in my neck, back, or both if I am really lucky.

It is because of these two problems that I have gone through pillow after pillow trying to find a permanent fix. I have purchased a multitude of “normal” pillows, luxury pillows, and yes, even a few foamy pillows. They all have failed in epic proportions. I finally got to the point that I just gave up and lived with the pain until a couple of weeks ago. I woke up and could barely get out of bed … I am only 33.

I searched Amazon for possible remedies and came across the SleepMade 100% Natural Latex Pillow by Exceptional Sheets. I have purchased from Exceptional Sheets before and have always been satisfied so I figured I would give it a go. Then I looked at the price and I nearly passed out. I am a rather frugal person, my husband would call me CHEAP, and the idea of spending $90 on a pillow completely blows my mind. I talked it over with my husband and placed my order. He first reminded me how many pillows I have bought trying to “put a bandage” on the problem, it easily approaches the $90 mark and it likely surpasses it. He then reminded me how important sleep is for the body, mind, and soul; especially for a person that spends the day tending to a little one. Both seemed legitimate to me and I have a birthday coming up so I splurged.

What I have found is that it was well worth it. Was it a miracle worker over night? NO. The first few nights I noticed that I slept more soundly and did not spend the night tossing, turning, and adjusting my pillow. I still woke up kind of “stoved up” but I spent months contorting my body; one wouldn’t assume a few nights would alleviate the problem. I did notice that after a short period of time I woke up without the headaches, then the neck aches, and finally the back problems. Are there nights when I still have problems? Yes, of course, but I have had a back problem for years and it acts up here and there depending on what I do during a given day. I haven’t woken up with a drenched pillow and I feel like I am actually getting a good, full, night of sleep now.

What I like is that this pillow is soft but it is thick and stiff enough to hold my head and neck in place properly. I feel like the pillow is actually cradling me instead of me having to bunch the pillow up into a ball to even somewhat give me lift. Compared to the “luxury” pillow that I used before, it is actually a lot thinner/flatter; well until you actually use it. When I would lie down on my “luxury” pillow it would turn into a pancake within moments. My SleepMade holds its form and maintains its thickness regardless if I am using it or it is just sitting on my bed waiting to provide another great night of sleep.

The holes are seriously cool, in every way, shape, and form. I believe the little holes in the pillow allow air to flow freely though the pillow and this keeps me from waking up with a wet pillow and drenched in sweat. I think this may be my favorite part of the pillow since I am so prone to sweating.

Overall, I love this pillow. Not only does it keep me comfortable and cool but it is accompanied by a pillow cover that zips on and off easily for cleaning. The material also allows the pillow to “breathe” so its purpose is not diminished. My SleepMade arrived in nice packaging with carrying handles and along with my order I also received a handwritten thank you letter that thanked me for my purchase and being a customer. It is personal touches like this that will keep me coming back to Exceptional Sheets. Lastly, delivery was speedy and the item, unlike some, was packaged appropriately to keep the product safe, clean, and intact.

I will purchase from this company again.

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★★★★★Sweet BB
Everything I wanted
I love this set. Every time I find a bed set that I like the style of, it is only a comforter and pillow cases, and maybe a dust ruffle. I love that this has the euro shams and pillows too. It really gives my bed the stylish, pulled together look that I have been wanting. It really looks just as nice as the stock photo.

Even better, the comforter is so soft and cozy. It is fluffy and light, but still warn enough. The pillows are soft and comfy, and the cases feel so smooth on my skin. It is like sleeping in a bag of marshmallows. Well, that analogy is a big far fetched, but it is comparable to a 5-star hotel.

Bottom line: I highly recommend this set. It is simple and timeless, yet trendy and stylish. It is very high quality and has everything you need. Plus, eLuxury Supply is a fantastic company. The service is so good(quick and very attentive), they even sent a hand-written thank-you note. I will definitely buy more of their products

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