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Goldilocks must have felt this way
This pillow makes me feel like Goldilocks must have upon finding that baby bear's possessions were just right. At first sight I feared that it was a bit too big, too fluffy, too high, but all reservations disappeared after the first night. I feel as if Exceptional Sheets knew just what I needed, even better than I knew myself, and made a pillow to my exact specifications. The pillow is big, fluffy and high but compresses perfectly to adjust to the weight of my head. The compression serves to offer neck alignment without losing the softness factor while not compressing so much as to bury my face. It keeps its shape with no bunching or wadding as inferior pillows are wont to do. The washable cover did not shrink and went back on the pillow with ease. Kudos to Exceptional Seets for never disappointing

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A dream come true.
This is the best mattress I have ever owned. I have been wanting to get a good mattress for a very long time, but could never afford the huge price tag on most that are considered "high quality". I needed to replace my previous mattress. Even though it was only 2 years old, it had never been comfortable and I could not put up with it any longer.
I needed something affordable, but feared getting a similar result as before. I did a lot of searching, and since I already love Exceptional Sheets and their products, I figured I could trust them more than any other. I am so glad I did.
Neither my husband nor I every wake up with pain anymore. We even slept wonderfully the very first night. I thought we would need time to get used to it. We both fall asleep faster than before and loss and turn much less(or not at all).
This mattress is much cooler than our old one too. No more sweating. And there is no smell. Most memory foam smells like chemicals.
It is so easy to set up as well. I did it by myself in just a few minutes. Since it is rolled and compressed, it is easy to handle and then when you open it it expands itself. I am very impressed with every single aspect of this mattress, and know nothing in this price range could come close, and even top-of-the-line brands would get a run for their money.

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Why on Earth Did I Not Buy These YEARS Ago??
If there is one thing I have never been particular about, it was sheets. I always just went with the cheapest thing I could find for my King size bed, so it has been 40 years of..."well, I guess these will do.". I purchased a set of 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton from eLuxurySupply after hearing over and over about how great these sheets actually are. I had heard from many people that the "higher thread count" sheets really weren't as soft as I had wanted, so I went with a lower thread count. I have never, ever been this comfortable in bed in my 62 years on this Earth. They are beautifully made and provide a softness that I honestly did not know was possible. My husband and I feel like we are staying in a very high end hotel every night. The only negative thing that I could say is that I am constantly kicking myself for not investing in a nice set of sheets years ago! I'm far from an expert, but if you are looking for the most comfortable of the comfortable, go 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton! I am blown away. Thank you eLuxurySupply!

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In a word “innovation”! From our mattress to our pillowcase E Luxury Supply is the first name in luxury. We are the luxury bedding company trusted by Marriott Hotels and 5 Star luxury hotels and resorts around the country for our highest rated memory foam mattresses, extra thick mattress pads and toppers as well as super soft bamboo sheet sets and 100% Egyptian cotton bedding. Give yourself the spa experience everyday with 600 to 900 GSM Egyptian cotton towels. Create your own “pillow bar” with our exclusive, bamboo pillows, shredded latex pillows, down pillow and hypoallergenic alternative fill pillows.

The “eLuxury Promise” is about getting the highest quality in 100% Egyptian cotton Sheets on sale anywhere. We offer top rated mattresses and the world renowned quality of our Marriott mattress pad. When we say our bamboo sheet sets are the softest or bamboo mattress pad has the most cooling power, you can trust us. From our comforters to our towels, we back up our promise with our 100% satisfaction eLuxury guarantee.