Bedding Bible

What's really in your pillow? Do you need a mattress pad or a latex mattress cover? What's the difference between percale, sateen, and twill? H...

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12 Ways to Make a Dorm Feel Like Home

Off to college! Whoa! Exciting! But even the most raring-to-go freshman may not quite be ready to abandon all the comforts of home just yet. And it's safe to say every college freshman will want to put their own stamp on their surroundings. By definition, dorm rooms are de...

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How To Decorate A Small Patio With Designer Flare

Recently, we at eLuxurySupply had the chance to work with Rebekah over at the wonderful blog A Blissful Nest. Who is Rebekah? Here's a quick blurb from her website: "I love a well lived home which means kids running around and lots of chaos! My home is filled with the love o...

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How to roll a towel

Know Your Roll!

Towels can be pretty boring. If you're looking for a way to impress your guests or just tidy up your towel storage, this is the option for you! Watch the video above and follow along with the easy steps below. Start by f...

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Dog Bed

Why Your Dog Needs An Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Your dog loves to sleep even more than you do. Dogs literally sleep half of their lives away. 12 hours of sleep every day is typical, and even 14 hours isn't uncommon. Hey, being a dog is a tiring job. They need lots of rest to fuel all that running, playing, guarding, and exploring they do when they're awake. Like you, your dog finds it hard to sleep when she's uncomfortable. Aches a...

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protect my mattress

How to Protect Your Mattress

Mattresses are expensive. Some people ask us how to protect their new purchase. Our best advice is probably the simplest. Just use an encasement! They're relatively cheap and super easy. Encasements can range from plastic shee...

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luxury valance

Why use a Bed Skirt?

Bed skirts are a decoration piece commonly found on traditional box spring and mattress beds. They usually mirror or complement the sheet set or comforter, and give an overall feeling of cohesiveness to a bedroom. But is there more t...

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How to Fluff Your Pillow

Did you know you can bring your pillows back to life with just a few simple ingredients? Using just 2-3 clean tennis balls and a dryer, you can bring that lovely plush feeling back to your pillow. You can just toss them in the...

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