Your dog loves to sleep even more than you do. Dogs literally sleep half of their lives away. 12 hours of sleep every day is typical, and even 14 hours isn't uncommon. Hey, being a dog is a tiring job. They need lots of rest to fuel all that running, playing, guarding, and exploring they do when they're awake.

Like you, your dog finds it hard to sleep when she's uncomfortable. Aches and pains can keep your dog from getting the rest she needs. But unlike you, she can't go shopping for a new mattress - or even tell you she needs a new one.

An orthopedic dog bed can help relieve discomfort for aging and arthritic dogs - and prevent discomfort in younger, fitter ones. It's all about two key things:

Support: Proper support keeps the strain off of joints, muscles, and pressure points that can make sleeping uncomfortable. Memory foam orthopedic beds for dogs provide even, firm support throughout the body, to minimize structural stress while sleeping.

Comfort: Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. A comfortable dog bed should conform to the dog, not the other way around. A good orthopedic memory foam dog bed will be gentle and comfortable no matter what position your dog likes to sleep in.

eLuxurySupply's premium dog beds are all this and more, including a 100% waterproof cover and a range of stylish duvet patterns to choose from. Let your sleeping dog lie on one of our floor-level or raised pet beds. He may not be able to say thanks, but a happy, well-rested dog is its own reward.