Take a moment and consider your current pillow.  Does it properly support your head? Does it contour to your head and neck?  Is the material used organic?  These are several question you should be asking when considering the proper pillow.  If your current pillow is falling short a midst these questions, the buckwheat pillow may be the answer! [caption id="attachment_124" align="alignleft" width="300"]The buckwheat shell fill of the buckwheat pillow The buckwheat shell fill of the buckwheat pillow[/caption] Buckwheat is a fruit very closely related to the rhubard family.  Buckwheat hulls are known to be impressively clean, malleable, and organic.  And did we mention organic!  The amazing benefits of the buckwheat pillow derive from the molding features of the organic buckwheat hulls.  The buckwheat pillow support your head and neck by contouring to your every curve and crevasse.  In addition, the buckwheat pillow will hold its shape throughout the night, guaranteeing the perfect night’s rest every time. Do you or your spouse suffer from snoring?  How about allergies?  More than likely, the answer is yes to at least one of these.  The answer; the buckwheat pillow!  Buckwheat pillows are known to reduce snoring.  When the head and neck are properly supported, body alignment is straightened.  Straightened body alignment leads to opened air passages and reduced mucous, thus reduced snoring!  Allergies; fear not the buckwheat pillow is here!  Buckwheat is not grain related, it is an organic fruit.  The organic buckwheat hulls are perfectly loose and cool, making the buckwheat pillow dust mite free!  Yea, you heard correct, dust mite free! [caption id="attachment_123" align="alignleft" width="300"]What is your sleeping profile? What is your sleeping profile?[/caption] Imagine relaxing on a nice breezy beach, taking a much need nap on the warm, sandy beach.  Sounds amazing right?  Unfortunately, not all of us can be so lucky.  However, with the buckwheat pillow a similar night’s rest is just around the corner!  With the individual organic hulls, the buckwheat pillow contours and molds to your head and neck perfectly, much like relaxing on a warm beach.  Standard, boring pillows force you to wrestle and conform to them, rather the buckwheat pillow works with you, not against by contouring and supporting your every curve.  Standard, boring pillows are often times filled cheap, cotton candy like stuffing or heat trapping, bacteria infested bird feathers that cause the pillow to be unbelievably hot and uncomfortable.  Because of the individual organic buckwheat hulls, air passes through the pillow perfectly to reduce perspiration and uncomfortably warm nights. In summary, the buckwheat pillow is perfect for those sleepers who struggle with snoring, allergies, or a simply uncomfortable, unsatisfying night’s sleep.  If you like getting the proper night’s sleep, with a perfectly support head and neck, the buckwheat pillow is the answer!  Need we say anything more about this amazing organic pillow?