Valentine's Day… the one day of the year we are expected to encumber our significant other with chocolates, flowers and sappy greeting cards. It’s not Valentine's Day without the chocolate, even though the chocolate is just going to destroy the New Year's Resolution you made of eating healthier. The flowers are fine; they’re pretty and smell good for about a day or two, three if you’re lucky. If we must celebrate this day of love, why not give them something they can actually use and appreciate for a time being?

In other words, don’t buy any more junk. How about getting something your dearly beloved can actually use? There’s a long list, but you can start with something that will make both of you happy. Perhaps a luxury soap gift box. There’s a Gentlemen’s Collection Soap & Grooming Gift Box for him and a Lovespell Gift Box for her. If you’re feeling up to getting something more mutually beneficial, the For Us Love Box can fill that role. Follow that with the perfect natural oil candle and we can then snuggle up in our Egyptian Cotton Terry Cloth Robes. Do you see where I’m going with this? There are so many more meaningful gifts.

However, if you’re just not able to buck tradition to forgo the chocolate, then settle for the chocolate, but be sure to follow it up with Bath Bombs for your lady. You might even offer to take the kids out for the evening so she can have a nice quiet bath without the constant interruption of kids banging down the door to get in.

Think outside the box and offer your special someone the luxury of receiving a gift they will appreciate and get to enjoy for more than a day or two. We certainly have the luxurious gifts you’re after in order to replace the norm.

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