Hello and welcome back to our Customer Service FAQ blog! This week, we will be going over some frequently asked questions concerning all of the wonderfully soft and absorbent towels that we offer on eLuxurySupply. 

Before we get too deep into it, I would like to talk about GSM.

What is GSM?

It means grams per square meter and it is what determines not only the quality but the overall weight and density of the towel.  For example: a 550GSM towel will fall under the medium range for weight and thickness. 400-550GSM is the average towel that you will see at any standard hotel.

They are absorbent and take less time to dry, but they also feel nice and thick! 

With GSM explained, let’s start looking at what we offer here at eLuxurySupply.

eLuxurySupply Towel Sets

First up, let's look at our Bamboo Towel Set.  

Our Bamboo towel set is available in a 6 piece set, which includes two 400GSM washcloths, two 450GSM hand towels, and two 500GSM bath towels.  These towels are in a different league than the rest of our towels due to them being 40% Rayon from Bamboo and 60% Cotton. Rayon from Bamboo is a softer fiber than cotton and with the GSM count, it makes for a medium weight towel with good absorbency and good dry time.  

Let's move on to our 600GSM Towel Sets.

These are available in a 3 piece set, which is one washcloth, one hand towel, and one bath towel. Our 6 piece set includes two washcloths, two hand towels, and two bath towels. These towels are 100% Egyptian Cotton and have been some of our biggest selling and most gift-able items for years. The 600-900 GSM is on the higher end scale of GSM.  This means that the towel is thicker and more dense than a 500GSM towel.  These towels are super absorbent and very soft to the touch.  They do take longer to dry than 400-500GSM, but the softness and quality cannot compare.

These GSM’s are normally a standard in 5 star hotels.

Now, we move on to our most luxurious towels to date: Our 900GSM Towel Sets.

All of these sets are 100% Egyptian Cotton and are the largest and thickest towels on the market. They come in 8 piece, 6 piece, 3 piece, and 2 piece sets.  It does take a bit longer to dry these towels, but with thickness and absorbency on this level, that is to be expected. When a birthday or a major holiday rolls around in which you need to impress someone with a luxurious gift, look no further than these. 

If you have any questions about any of our towels or any of our products, we can be reached at 1-800-977-7433 or by email at service@eluxurysupply.com. We hope to hear from you!