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Buy extra soft pillows spun from bamboo and Egyptian cotton. We raised the bar on sleeper pillows. We offer luxury down, down alternative, memory foam and buck wheat pillows. Create a menu of luxury pillows just like a 5 star luxury hotel!

What is Natural Latex?

When most people think of latex, they think of those this gloves used in healthcare environments or those squeaky clothes worn by 90’s pop stars. The last thought on their mind is, “that looks natural!” Where does latex come from? How is it made? ...


Sleep and Your Health

As a member of the human race, I can tell you first thing - I enjoy my shut-eye. In fact, the first thing I think about when I wake up is going back to sleep. Most adults ( I like to include myself in this category) need about seven to eight hours...


5 Ways to Sleep Better in the New Year

The new year has dawned and resolutions are dropping like flies. Why not commit to a New Years resolution that will improve your day to day life and is easy to keep? SLEEP BETTER! Here are five simple ways to sleep better in 2015... 1. Replace you...