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Bed Sheet Care Guide

Proper care is one of the most important practices when it comes to owning luxury bed sheets. Many people buy high-quality sheets, but do not follow proper care practices; this causes pilling and other damages to their luxury sheets. If you want to ensure your new sheet investment will be taken care of properly, follow our bed sheet care guide and make your sheets last for years!

Washing & Drying

This is the most critical part of the care process for bed sheets. Here are some basic, but important ground rules for taking care of your sheets:
  • Cold water only
  • Wash on the lowest agitation setting
  • No bleach
  • No fabric softener
  • Use a mild detergent (Dreft Baby Detergent is preferred)
  • Wash the sheet set by itself, no other clothes or linens
When drying the sheets use low heat. It’s recommended to stop the dryer when the sheets are lightly damp and hang dry them. This will guarantee the longest lifetime out of your bed sheets.

After Care

The most common complaint about bed sheets are wrinkles. Any pair of sheets, that hasn’t been heavily treated with prevention chemicals, will wrinkle; it will happen. Viscose rayon from bamboo sheets, if applied to the bed immediately after drying, should not have wrinkles. All other types of sheets, namely Egyptian cotton sheets, will have wrinkles. One effective way of removing these wrinkles is to iron the sheets with a towel in-between as protection layer. This will allow you to iron the sheets and remove the wrinkles without compromising the sheets with the iron.


It is important to store your bed sheets in a dry location. Keep your sheets stored on a shelf or in a linens closet. There is always the worry of bed bugs. If you see holes starting to appear in your stored sheets, isolate them from the storage location and prepare to fight bed bugs!