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HOW TO Make Your Bed

        1. Spot Clean Your Mattress

        2. It is best to spot clean your mattress with just water and a rag. If you're trying to remove a stain, then use enzyme cleaners to breadown the stain; this will lessen the stain. Let it dry and repeat until stain has been removed. Never clean your mattress with large amounts of water. This can cause mildew and mold issues.
        3. The Mattress Pad

        4. The mattress pad will be the first bedding item to go onto the bed after cleaning. All eLuxurySupply mattress pads have fitted bedskirts that will fit any thick mattress that you might have. Once the mattress pad has been fitted around all corners of your bed, make sure it is square with the mattress top.
        5. The Fitted Sheet

        6. Next is the fitted sheet. Spread out your fitted sheet across the bed. Fit all four corners of your bed with the fitted corner pockets. Make sure the fitted corner pockets are pulled all the way under your mattress and are secured snugly to the mattress itself.
        7. The Flat Sheet and The Military Tuck

        8. This is the fun part. There are two ways that you can put on a flat sheet. The first way is to just spread the flat sheet out on the bed and tuck the corners, buttom, and sides under the bed. This will work, but it could lead to your flat sheet being crumbled up at the bottom of your bed in the monring. The second and best way to put on your flat sheet is with the military tuck. This special tuck at the foot of your bed will ensure that your flat sheet will stay put all night.
        9. The Comforter and Duvet Cover

        10. We will have a "how to put on your duvet cover" How-To guide soon, but until then let's assume that your duvet cover is on your comforter already. Spread your comforter out on your bed with the edges and bottom hanging about one and a half inches above the ground. Fold back your comforter twic until it covers up half of your bed to the foot. This will give your bed a good look and allow some breathing room for resting on the bed.
        11. The Pillows

        12. Whether you have one pillow or ten, there is always a way to make them look good. Normal pillow stacking ediquite is: two square decorative pillows again the headboard, two sleeping pillows in front of those, two smaller square decorative pillows, then a bolster pillow (small long rectangular pillow). Realisticly, you can stack your pillows however you want. Pillows stacked correctly however, can really catch a guests eye.
        Now get out there make your bed!
Green Striped Sheet Set
Fitted skirt on mattress pad
Shredded latex pillow