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The Modern Mattress

Buying a mattress is just awkward. You go to a mattress store and immediately get surrounded by barking salesmen chomping at the bit to get your business. Once you choose your salesman, you lay down and wiggle on multiple mattresses? It's weird and no one likes it. Luckily, there is a new way to buy a mattress. One without traveling, a store, or the slimey salesman. eLuxurySupply has surpassed the drawn-out supply chains of traditional mattress sales and now bring your new mattress right to your doorstep.

Buying the Mattress

Choose your bed size from the Gel Memory Foam Mattress page and finish checkout. It is really that easy.

Shipping the Mattress

eLuxurySupply's Gel Memory Foam Mattresses are vacuum-packed into thin cylinders and packaged in a box that is easily shipped. This allows the mattress to be shipped for reasonable prices and to arrive directly to your doorstep within a week. You (and a friend) can carry this box into your home, through your halls, and right to the bed frame. Open the box and cut open the packaging. Let the mattress air out for 24 hours and you are ready to sleep on your new mattress!


eLuxurySupply has a 90-day return garuntee for the Gel Memory Foam Mattress. If you're not satisfied in the first 30-days, then you have another 60-days to return your mattress...On us. The Gel Memory Foam Mattress also comes with 10 year limited warrenty that covers any defects. Feel safe and be free of the old intrusive style of purchasing a mattress. Get your new mattress today at