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What is a Duvet Cover?

What are Duvet Covers?

Duvet covers or comforter covers are one of the most useful bedding products you can have. Comforters tend to be decently expensive most of the time and they are not something you would want to replace often. Most comforters cannot be washed in a home washer; mainly because of their size. Duvet covers will protect your expensive down or down alternative comforter from stains, dust, and spills. Duvet covers are just as easy to wash as bed sheets and they easy to use.

Which Duvet Cover Should I Use?

Duvet covers come in many different materials and designs. Egyptian cotton and viscose rayon from bamboo duvet covers are very popular. eLuxurySupply carries an array of solid and striped colors in both Egyptian cotton and viscose rayon from bamboo. All of these duvet covers come with clear plastic buttons that securely keep your comforter in place and offer full coverage protection of your comforter.