Plush 100% Solid Latex Ventilated Back & Side Pillow

Plush 100% Solid Latex Ventilated Back & Side Pillow

Plush 100% Solid Latex Ventilated Back & Side Pillow Plush 100% Solid Latex Ventilated Back & Side Pillow

Plush 100% Solid Latex Ventilated Back & Side Pillow

By eLuxurySupply

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Description & Material

Latex Pillow Specifications:
  • 100% Pure Latex Pillow - No added fillers!
  • Latex is Antimicrobial, Mildew Proof, and Dust Mite Resistant
  • Perfect pillow for allergy suffers
  • Breathable Latex Allows Cool Sleeping Temperature
  • Latex Foam Consistency Allows for Exceptional Pressure Relief
  • Queen Latex Pillow - 14" x 28"
  • King Latex Pillow - 16" x 32"
ExceptionalSheets brings you the most luxurious 100% natural latex pillow on the market. The Natural Latex Pillow gives you all of the comfort of down but the antimicrobial latex minimizes allergens including mildew and bacteria. The foam naturally contours to the weight of your head and neck, cradling your body while you sleep. Our pillow is firm and supportive without being stiff. The cooling, breathable weave let’s you rest easy while allowing air to circulate.

Made with 100% Latex:
Our pillow is made with 100% Latex and contains no fillers. Latex comes from the "Hevea Brasiliensis" rubber tree and becomes our signature latex pillow. Each pillow undergoes an individualized construction process. First, the latex pillow is flash frozen and then vulcanized. The latex pillow is then carefully removed from the mold by hand. Finally, the pillow is spot cleaned and put through a rigorous testing process to ensure quality.

Cleaning Instructions:
  1. Combine a sink or basin with a mixture of detergent and water.
  2. Fully saturate a clean cloth in the detergent mixture and then wring out an excess water.
  3. Gently blot the latex pillow to remove stains; continue blotting and reapplying detergent mixture until stains are removed.
  4. Place the clean pillow between two clean towels and apply pressure until any excess moisture is removed from the pillow.
  5. Place the pillow flat to dry away from exposure to sunlight.

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